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dens dapDensGlass Ultra® Shaftliner

Paperless DensGlass Ultra® shaftliner is the premium 1" gypsum shaftliner in the marketplace. It is a highly mold-resistant shaftliner panel that is ideal for use in moisture-prone vertical and horizontal shaft wall assemblies, stairwell and area separation wall applications.

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   DensGlass Ultra® Shaftliner - Submittal (70KB/2pgs)
   Product MASTERSPEC® Section 09265. Gypsum Board Shaftwall Assemblies (MSWord: 59BK/12pgs)
   3-Part Guide Spec: Section 09 21 16.33 Gypsum Board Area Separation Walls Assemblies (MSWord: 52KB/7pgs)
   3-Part Guide Spec: Section 09 21 16.23 Gypsum Board Shaftwall Assemblies (MSWord: 58KB/8pgs)
   DensGlass Ultra® Shaftliner Limited Warranty (495KB/1pg)
   Fire Rated Products Safety Information (76KB/2pgs)
   MSDS #72: Glass-Mat Faced Gypsum Boards (42KB/7pgs)
   DensGlass Ultra® Shaftliner Sustainable Materials Data Sheet (107KB/2pgs)
   Technical Guide: Area Separation Walls (DensGlass Ultra® Shaftliner) (1.4MB/12pgs)
   Technical Guide: Shaftwall/Stairwell Systems (DensGlass Ultra® Shaftliner) (1.9MB/16pgs)
   Product Selection Guide and Architectural Assemblies (1.3MB/24pgs)
   Project Profile: Medical University of South Carolina. Charleston, South Carolina (633kb/4PGS)
   National Building Code of Canada Allows for Easier-to-Construct Two-Hour Firewall System (1.6MB/1pg) Reprinted with permission from The Trowel
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