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Joint Treatment Systems

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has a full line of joint systems - from pre-mixed compounds to dry powder products for both hand tool and mechanical applications. Standard ready-to-use, all-purpose compound offers excellent coverage, easy sanding, resistance to cracking, low shrinkage and smooth workability. The product line also includes joint tape and sealant for fire-rated systems.

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   Fire Rated Products Safety Information (76KB/2pgs)
   MSDS #69A: Ready Mix All Purpose/Topping Compounds (135KB/7pgs)
   MSDS #104: Sandable 20, 45, 90 Setting Compound (134KB/7pgs)
   Joint Finishing Materials (171KB/2pgs)
   Technical Guide: Fire-Halt® Sealant/Setting Compound (1.2MB/8Pgs)
   ToughRock® Fire-Halt® Sealant Submittal Form (419KB/4pgs)
   Georgia-Pacific Joint Tape (311KB/2pgs)
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