Distribución, ingeniería y montaje
de estructuras ligeras y fachada seca

instala panelrey

ToughRock® gypsum boards include paper-faced gypsum panels for a variety of applications including interior wall, floor and ceiling applications, Type X boards, abuse-resistant boards, veneer plaster base systems, and panels for use in fire-rated assemblies.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum supports sustainable production of gypsum wallboard by using reclaimed gypsum, recycled plant waste, recycled paper, and clean fuels. We recycle enough wallboard annually to build over 50,000 homes.

Our commitment to the responsible use of natural resources influences the entire process of manufacturing gypsum wallboard. We manufacture synthetic gypsum wallboard using the output of the Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD). Our energy-efficient plants convert process waste heat into useable energy.

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