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dens dapDensGlass Gold® Sheathing

DensGlass Gold® exterior sheathing is the premium gypsum sheathing in the marketplace. The product features a moisture-resistant core and enhanced fiberglass mats, instead of paper facings, to resist the effects of moisture exposure during and after construction. It is so weather-resistant that Georgia-Pacific backs it with a 12-Month Weather Exposure Limited Warranty.

Recently-announced DensGlass Gold exterior sheathing enhancements include enhanced fiberglass mats which offer even better wind uplift resistance, make the product easier to handle, and reduce the amount of primer needed for self-adhered membranes.

This Georgia-Pacific sheathing is the ideal substrate behind brick, siding, EIFS, stucco and other permanent claddings. It is a superior choice for architects and builders who are concerned about construction schedules that might be delayed by adverse weather conditions. For information about how building with Dens™ Brand paperless gypsum panels can can allow contractors more latitude in scheduling and more options for closing in a structure, faster, visit

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   Product MASTERSPEC® Section 09250. Gypsum Wallboard (MSWord: 86KB/19pgs)
   3-Part Guide Spec: Section 06 16 43 Gypsum Sheathing (MSWord: 40KB/4 pgs)
   DensGlass Gold® Submittal (78KB/2pgs)
   ICC-ES Code Approval Report: DensGlass Gold® Gypsum Sheathing (550KB/3pgs)
  DensGlass Gold® Exterior Sheathing Limited Warranty (495KB/1pg)
   Fire Rated Products Safety Information (76KB/2pgs)
   MSDS #72: Glass-Mat Faced Gypsum Boards (42KB/7pgs)
   DensGlass Gold® Sheathing Sustainable Materials Data Sheet (110KB/2pgs)
   Technical Guide: DensGlass Gold® Exterior Sheathing (1.8MB/16pgs)
   Project Profile: Medical University of South Carolina. Charleston, South Carolina (633kb/4PGS)
   Recubrimiento Exterior DensGlass Gold® (1.4MB/12pgs)
   DensGlass Gold® Gypsum Sheathing Tech Note 001: Dow Building Materials and Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (287KB/2pgs)
   DensGlass Gold® Gypsum Sheathing Tech Note 002: Dow Building Materials and Henry Company (269KB/2pgs)
   DensGlass Gold® Gypsum Sheathing Tech Note 003: Grace Construction Products Perm-A-Barrier® Wall Membrane (323KB/2pgs)
   Product Bulletin: DensGlass Gold® Exterior Sheathing: International Building Code (IBC) and Air and Water-Resistive Barriers (212KB/2pgs)
   DensGlass Gold® Gypsum Sheathing Tech Note 004: Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing (360KB/2pgs)
   Product Bulletin: DensGlass Gold® Sheathing Exceeds Gypsum Soffit Board Standards (693KB/1pg)
   Project Profile: Duracell Headquarters. Bethel, Connecticut (175KB/2pgs)
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