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dens dapDensDeck DuraGuard® Roof Board

DensDeck DuraGuard® roof board is an enhanced, glass-mat roof board with a low perm, integrated coating.

The durable DuraGuard coating provides an ideal substrate for a wide variety of adhered roofing systems, including self-adhered, hot-mopped membranes, and torched asphaltic systems. It is ideal for metal roof systems and fluid-applied membranes.

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The coating assures more uniform spreading of adhesives, an excellent coverage rate, and it enhances the bond strength of membrane system-to-board without the need for field priming with a number of systems.*

Field primer that is typically used to prepare the substrates for self adhesive membranes can be eliminated by using DensDeck DuraGuard roof board.* DensDeck DuraGuard roof board can also be used as a substrate under commercial roof tile applications.

*Confirm priming requirements with membrane manufacturer


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