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dens dapDensShield® Tile Backer

DensShield® tile backer is a mold-resistant tile backer board with fiberglass-mat facings and a unique acrylic coating that blocks moisture from entering the wall or floor cavity.

Greenboard is out! So now what?
International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) changes made in 2006 approve the use of a glass-mat gypsum backers in wet areas such as tubs and showers, where greenboard is no longer approved. These code changes impact installation requirements in both commercial applications (PDF: 230KB/2pgs) and residential applications (PDF: 225KB/2pgs). DensShield tile backer dramatically outperforms heavy, hard-to-install cement backer boards in moisture protection, strength and ease of installation.

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   Product MASTERSPEC® Section 09310. Ceramic Tile (MSWord: 173KB/41pgs)
   3-Part Guide Spec: Section 09 28 16 Glass-Mat Faced Gypsum Backing Boards (MSWord: 40KB/5 pgs)
   DensShield® Tile Backer Submittal Form (102KB/2pgs)
   ICC-ES Code Approval Report: DensShield® Tile Backer (442KB/2pgs)
   How To Install DensShield® Tile Backer (con Guía de Instalación) (1.3MB/12pgs)
   Guía de Instalacíon - Respaldo de Baldosas DensShield® (Tile Backer Installation Guide)(287KB/2pgs)
   DensShield® Tile Backer Tech Note 001: Applications on 3/4" Plytanium® Plywood Sturd-I-Floor® Subfloor Over 19.2" o.c. Engineered Floor Joists (514KB/2pgs)
   DensShield® Tile Backer Lifetime Limited Warranty (Residential) (496KB/1pg)
   DensShield® Tile Backer 20-Year Limited Warranty on Commercial Applications (495KB/1pg)
   Fire Rated Products Safety Information (76KB/2pgs)
   MSDS #72: Glass-Mat Faced Gypsum Boards (42KB/7pgs)
   DensShield® Tile Backer SMDS (107KB/2pgs)
   Technical Guide: DensShield® Tile Backer Brochure (925KB/16pgs)
   Product Bulletin: Code changes made to improve residential construction practices call for the use of DensShield® Tile Backer (225KB/2pgs)
   Product Bulletin: International Building Codes have Changed for Tile Backer Boards to Improve Construction Practices (230KB/2pgs)
   DensShield® Tile Backer Comparison Sheet (360KB/2pgs)
   High Density 1/4" DensShield® Tile Backer Brochure (3MB/4pgs)
   Product Bulletin: Create a One Coat Float Assembly with DensShield® Tile Backer (390KB/2pgs)
   Product Bulletin: DensShield® Tile Backer - Tile Backer Board for Wet and Dry Areas with a 5/8" Type X Fire Rating (814KB/4pgs)
   DensShield® Tile Backer Q&A Catalog (1MB/16pgs)
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