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dens dapDensDeck® Roof Board

DensDeck roof board is a highly mold resistant roof panel that consists of a moisture-resistant, non-combustible core of specially treated gypsum with glass mat facings. Approved by all leading roofing system manufacturers, DensDeck delivers the highest performance ratings for fire, wind uplift, strength and moisture resistance.

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3-Part Guide Spec: Section 07 50 00 Membrane Roofing (MSWord: 74KB/11 pgs)
DensDeck® Submittal Form (201KB/2pgs)
   Product Bulletin: DensDeck® and DensDeck Prime® Roof Boards Superior for Moisture, Mold and Mildew Resistance (151KB/2pgs)
   Product Bulletin: 1/4" DensDeck® and DensDeck Prime® UL 790 "Class A" Classification (100KB/1pg)
   Roofing Technical Note 213 - Carpenter Company (167KB/2pgs)
   Roofing Technical Note 202 - Tamko Roofing Products Incorporated (155KB/2pgs)
   Roofing Technical Note 204 - Duro-Last Roofing Incorporated (171KB/2pgs)
   Roofing Technical Note 205 - Seaman Corporation (208KB/2pgs)
   Roofing Technical Note 206 - Carlisle Syntec Incorporated (239KB/2pgs)
   Roofing Technical Note 207 - Stevens Roofing Systems (159KB/2pgs)
   Roofing Technical Note 208 - Malarkey Roofing Systems (217KB/1pg)
   Roofing Technical Note 203 - GenFlex Roofing Systems (515KB/2pgs)
   Roofing Technical Note 201 - StaFast Roofing Products (168KB/2pgs)
Roofing Technical Note 220 - U.S. Intec Inc. (260KB/6pgs)
Roofing Technical Note 212 - Sarnafil Incorporated (166KB/2pgs)
Roofing Technical Note 211 - Burkeline Roofing Systems (224KB/2pgs)
Roofing Technical Note 214 - Siplast (261KB/2pgs)
Roofing Technical Note 216 - ERSystems (Elastomeric Roofing Systems, Inc.) (266KB/4pgs)
Roofing Technical Note 217 - Soprema Inc. (308KB/6pgs)
Roofing Technical Note 219 - GAF Materials Corporation (311KB/4pgs)
Roofing Technical Note 209 - Firestone Building Products (239KB/4pgs)
   Tech Talk: DensDeck Prime® Roof Board Assemblies Exceed New FM Roof Requirements (309KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: DensDeck® Roof Board Thermal Barriers Boost Roofing System Fire Safety (142KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: Parapet Walls - When is a Wall a Roof? (542KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: DenDeck® Roof Boards Helps Keep the Noise Out (96KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: DensDeck® Roof Board Passes Severe Wind Uplift Test Using Fewer Fasteners (824KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: Controlling Hail Damage in Roof Systems (166KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: DensDeck® Roof Board as Underlayment Offers Fire Resistance Plus System Performance (201KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: DensDeck® Roof Board Provides Superior Moisture Resistance (170KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: DensDeck® Roof Board Starves Mold and Mildew (218KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: Undercover - The Facts About Roof Cover Boards (213KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: DensDeck® Roof Board Durability: How Cover Boards Contribute (540KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: DensDeck® Roof Board Enhances Performance of Metal Roofing Applications (135KB/2pgs)
   Tech Talk: DensDeck Prime® Roof Protection Board (127KB/2pgs)
   Fire Rated Products Safety Information (76KB/2pgs)
   MSDS #72: Glass-Mat Faced Gypsum Boards (42KB/7pgs)
   DensDeck® Roof Board Sustainable Materials Data Sheet (109KB/2pgs)
   Technical Guide: DensDeck® Roof Boards: DensDeck®, DensDeck Prime®, DensDeck DuraGuard® (1.8MB/20pgs)
   15 FAQs about DensDeck® & DensDeck Prime® for Hot Mop and Torch-down Situations (104KB/2pgs)
   1/4" DensDeck® Overlayment/Underlayment (66KB/1pg)
   Roofing Systems Application Recommendations (74KB/2pgs)
   RSI Brochure - Cover Boards Enhance Roof System Performance (96KB/5pgs)
   Project Profile: New Orleans Sports Arena. New Orleans, Louisianna (771KB/2pgs)
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