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dens dapDensArmor Plus® Abuse Guard® Paperless Drywall

DensArmor Plus® Abuse Guard® paperless interior drywall delivers a superior performance in high traffic areas of schools, hospitals, public housing, dorms, assisted living facilities and office buildings.

DensArmor Plus Abuse Guard resists damage such as scuffs, surface indentation and abrasion that can mar traditional drywall.

For technical assistance, call toll-free in the United States and Canada,
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DensArmor Plus® Abuse Guard® panels are made with a dense, moisture-resistant gypsum core and fiberglass mats that replace paper facers on both sides. The paperless design resists mold growth per ASTM D 3273.

DensArmor Plus Abuse Guard delivers better abrasion, indentation and soft body impact resistance than standard Type X gypsum board and can be used in any fire-rated assembly where 5/8" Type X drywall is specified. The product carries a Six-Month Weather Exposure Limited Warranty.

Available in:

  • 5/8" thickness
  • Lengths: 8' to 12'
  • Tapered edges
  • Accommodates a wide range of surface treatments, including low VOC paints and wall coverings
  • Easy to cut and fasten with standard drywall tools and fasteners
  • Manufactured to meet applicable sections of ASTM C 630, ASTM C 1396, ASTM C 1177, ASTM C 1629, ASTM C 1658, CSA-A82.27.M

To learn more about how building with Dens™ Brand paperless gypsum panels can create a positive ripple effect in your scheduling when pre-rock operations start earlier in the construction cycle, visit

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